Ford Mustang (2015+) Rear Differential Mount Front Bushing Insert

Ford Mustang (2015+) Rear Differential Mount Front Bushing Insert

SKU: PFR19-1730
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  • Rear Subframe Front Bushing Insert is a replacement for OEM bushings which provide perfect performance.


    What is included:

    • (2) TWO Inserts

    • (2) TWO Stainless steel sleeves

    • (2) TWO Large Washers

    • (2) TWO Small Washers

    • (2) TWO Long Bolts

    • (2) TWO Short Bolts

    • (1) ONE Grease

  • Street or Race right way to choose what you need


    Please read the complete fitting instructions and check package components before fitment.


    These fitting instructions are to be used as a guide and in conjunction with workshop manual.


    How to install your Gen 6 Mustang rear differential mount front bushing inserts:


    1. Support rear subframe and diff. Loosen rear subframe bolts and completely remove front subframe bolts to access the diff mounts.


    2. Undo the bolt connecting the diff to the subframe.  Bolt may have to be cut if removal is restricted by the drive shaft.


    3. Clean any dirt or debris from around the rubber bush and voidings.


    4. Push stainless steel sleeve into the bore of the insert and apply some of the supplied grease to the inner surface of the insert.


    5. Fit Insert into the rubber bush from the front of the diff.  Use the supplied large sized washer and shorter lengh bolt to secure insert from the front side of the diff.  Fig A.


    6. Use the supplied longer length bolt and smaller size washer to re-bolt diff to the subframe.  Fig B.  Repeat process on the other side of the diff.


    7. Refit the front subframe bolts and tension all hardware to manufacturers recommended torque settings.