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White Madness Garage provides the best quality powder coating and rebuilding services for your Brake Calipers. Any cars and colors (Please send us a message to confirm the model and color)

Just let us know what you want and we can make it happen. Give your car an attention it really deserves!

Brakes are really important part of the car and they supposed to work as smooth and reliable as possible. It means you need to maintain not just a brake fluid and brake pads but the brake calipers as well.

During the regular use caliper seals could get damaged and start leaking. It could potentially lead to loosing the brake fluid, damaging the brake pads and rotors and more importantly loosing the brake pressure that could also lead to loosing the brake power and possibly a car accident.

Here you can check step-by-step process showing that we disassembled the whole caliper, checked the seals for any damages, replaced the seals (if necessary only) and painted with a high quality powder to match the original specifications

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