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Sponsorship opportunity

We are happy to have car enthusiasts to be a part of our family and help to spread the words about the brand and our products. 
If you want to be sponsored by us with the product made by WMadness Garage Team we have two following options:


Option 1 - GET IT: We offer a discount up to 40% of an original retail price. All you need to do is to create a post on Instagram or a video on YouTube with mentioning our product, service we provide, include links to our website -, Instagram page - @wm_garage and Facebook page - @WMGarageNY and hashtag - #WMgarageSponsor. If the post reaches 500 likes or the video gets 15K views you can contact us using the form below to qualify for a discount.

Option 2 - EARN IT: You can earn a full sponsorship of any product made by WMGarage by earning credits. When you submit your application you will receive the code which you can distribute over your social media or forums. This code will give you 10% back of every use while others are purchasing WMGarage parts. As soon as the code reaches the price of the wanted product you can get it for free. To make it more attractive for people we offer 10% discount for everyone who use it.

Submission Form

Thanks for submitting!

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