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Carbon Fiber S197 Shifter Kit for 2010-2014 Automatic Mustang is on a Pre-Sale

We are pleased to announce the start of a Pre-Sale process for another Carbon Fiber product! It's based on our tested S197 Shifter Kit and has an amazing clean look with a CF accent.

This Conversion Kit for an automatic Mustang has an aluminum shaft which is cut using a CNC lathe for a superior quality and the stainless steel ball which is skinned with a carbon fiber.

Using color options you can choose the Shaft color you want from gloss black, satin black or polished chrome look as well as type of CF pattern. Right now we offer two different CF patter: weaved carbon fiber and chopped forged look.

Every CF ball is coated with a clear coat which has UV protective properties which will prevent epoxy from yellowing and will allow the shifter to stay at the same quality for a long time.

For those who like to buy one with a pre-sale price we offer a 20% discount till the end of the April and it will take around a week to get it shipped but we are working on speeding up the process of making these beautiful shifters.

You can also check out the S550 Carbon Fiber shifter: S550 Carbon Fiber shifter

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