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"The Barrel" Shift Knob for your Manual S550 Mustang or Universal Conversion Kit

We are happy no announce that we are added another Shift Knob to our family. It's a shift knob compatible with Manual S550 Mustang or Universal Conversion Kit for S550 Mustang, 6th Generation Camaro and Dodge Challenger and Charger 2015 and up.



It's made out of Stainless Steel 303 which has great rust resistance properties with some weight to it. The shift knob weights around 18oz or 505g which gives you a great feel and control while switching gears.

As was mentioned before you can use THE BARREL shift knob not only on manual S550 Mustang but with our universal conversion kits. We also provide the engraving service to customize your new shift knob and make it more personal. We can do Manual patter, Automatic pattern with two options and more.

You can check it out and purchase on the website or using the link - THE BARREL with 15% Pre-Sale discount till the end of August - 2020.

Let's welcome our new Family Member here!!!

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