Universal Shifter for 6th Generation Camaro - Automatic

Universal Shifter for 6th Generation Camaro - Automatic

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Universal Shifter for 6th Generation Camaro euqipped with an automatic transmission

  • Universal Shifter for 6th Generation Camaro with Automatic transmission

    White Madness Garage universal shifter kit designed for 6th generation Chevrolet Camaro from 2016 and up, and gives you an ability to switch shift knob for any available on the market with M12x1.25 thread size.. Designed and built in the USA with quality materials.

    Universal Camaro shifter is a direct replacement with your OEM shifter which gives you more Old-School look and feel. The whole installation will take you about 10 minutes with minimal mechanical knowledge and skills.

    Shifter assembly made from aluminum and can be in three different colors: Polished aluminum, Gloss black, Satin black.

    Universal Shifter comes with no shift knob so make sure you will get one from us.

    What is included:

    • (1) ONE 6th Gen Camaro shifter
    • (2) TWO Zip Ties
    • (2) TWO Allen bolts
    • (1) ONE Allen Bit
    • (2) TWO Phillips screws
    • (1) ONE Lube Bag

    What you need to BUY separate:

    • Shift Knob with thread size M12x1.25


    You can check our "The Ball" shift knob which can complete the Kit

  • Video Installation instruction is coming soon.

    Check our Instagram page for updates. Thank you!

    Installation Instruction:

    • First you need to remove the leather boot around your OEM shifter. Pull the boot from the sides gently.
    • Once you remove the boot from the console you need to remove it from shifter. You can find two tabs from both sides and pry with small screw driver.
    • Next step is to remove the shifter itself. Grab it with both nahds and pull it up. You need to apply some force to do so.
    • Once it's done remove the small plastic piece from the leather boot but save it for later.
    • Take WMGarage shifter kit and slide the inner shaft to an OEM metal shaft. LIne up top holes with holes on the metal shaft and secure it with two allen bolts. Screw them all the way in so you can slide the main body in.
    • Apply provided lube around inner shaft and than slide the slider in.
    • Now, take the main body and tie it with a zip tie to the leather boot. Make sure both holes are facing to the front and the back of the boot.
    • Slide the main body with the boot and secure it with two phillips screws.
    • Reinstall the leather boot in place and screw the shift knob on.